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About Wisconsin State Government

Welcome to Wisconsin, affectionately known as “God’s country” by its residents for its nice people, beautiful countryside, ample natural resources, outstanding quality of life, and great weather seven months of the year.

People who hail from Wisconsin are easy to recognize no matter where they may be. They are the ones who make eye contact with perfect strangers and say “hello” or “howdy!” Unlike people from anywhere else, they speak with no accent. They are the friendliest people in the whole U.S.A, except possibly toward their neighbors to the South, Illinoisans, but that is out of self-defense. They started it!

We’ve collected a wealth of information about the State of Wisconsin so taxpayers and residents can understand how their state government operates and hold elected officials accountable. Click on the links below to learn about the state’s history; key facts and figures such as population, employment, wealth, and crime; who your elected representatives are in Madison and how to contact them; information about elections and how to vote; an overview of the state’s budget; and more. For the latest news about Wisconsin politics, click here.

For even more information about how to exercise your duties and rights as a Wisconsin citizen, go to the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox at, or check out the Wisconsin Blue Book, published biennially by the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. The Blue Book is available online at can get a free copy from your state assemblyman or state senator.

  1. History
    Wisconsin played a major role in ending slavery in the United States by being the birthplace of the Republican Party and being a key link in the “Underground Railroad.”
  2. Facts and Figures
    We do more than milk cows and make cheese! Learn about Wisconsin’s geography, population, and economy.
  3. State Government
    How is state government organized? Who is the governor, how many Supreme Court justices are there, and how often does the legislature meet?
  4. Elections and Election Integrity
    Learn how to vote, how to identify and contact your elected representatives, and how to help fight election fraud.
  5. Budget
    Wisconsin state government operates on a biennial budget (24 months rather than 12 months). The 2021–2023 budget was approximately $90 billion. The Governor seems determined to increase every line item and add new projects. The more moderate legislature seems inclined only to slow down the growth of state government, not reverse it.
  6. Legislative Calendar
    The legislature has announced its schedule through January 2025.
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Joseph Bast
Joseph Bast
Joseph Bast was born and raised in the Fox Valley, graduated from Kimberly High School, and went to college and had a career in Chicago. After retiring in 2018, he returned to the Fox Valley and currently resides in Appleton’s new Riverheath community. He and his wife, Diane, created the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox website and are active with Northeast Wisconsin Patriots and Appleton Concerned Taxpayers.
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