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About City of Appleton

According to the World Atlas, Appleton is “a must-visit location since it is a top-rated Wisconsin vacation destination. Appleton and the Fox Cities, 18 communities along the Fox River and Lake Winnebago, are well-known for their shopping, Harry Houdini, and the ‘Mile of Music’ festival. This town makes for a fantastic city break location with a variety of exciting museums, art galleries, and a lively and welcoming culture. It also has one of the biggest children’s museums in the Midwest, a minor league baseball club, and beautiful nature trails.”

Click on the links below to learn more about Appleton and in particular how its city government works. In order to hold elected officials accountable, voters need to know who the mayor is, who represents them on the city council, when the council meets, and how the city spends your money.

You may also want to check out the series of articles by Walter “Burt” Blank about the 2024 Appleton Citizens Academy, a 10-week program aimed at educating citizens about the workings of their local government.

  1. Facts and Figures
    Click here to learn about the city’s population, average income, crime rate, and how it compares to other cities.
  2. Leadership
    Learn about the background of Mayor Jake Woodford and how to contact him, and the 17 individuals who make up the City Council.
  3. Unelected Officials
    Many unelected officials serve the residents and taxpayers of Appleton. We identify them here, along with an organizational chart for the city.
  4. Budget
    There are currently 14 City departments that include over 600 full-time positions with a budget of over $192 million annually.
  5. Board Meeting Schedule
    Dates, time, and locations of upcoming city council meetings can be found here. The public may attend meetings or observe them via a live stream ….
Joseph Bast
Joseph Bast
Joseph Bast was born and raised in the Fox Valley, graduated from Kimberly High School, and went to college and had a career in Chicago. After retiring in 2018, he returned to the Fox Valley and currently resides in Appleton’s new Riverheath community. He and his wife, Diane, created the Wisconsin Patriots Toolbox website and are active with Northeast Wisconsin Patriots and Appleton Concerned Taxpayers.
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