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5th Assembly District Update: February 19, 2024

Human Trafficking Bills Pass Assembly

The goal of the Speaker's Task Force on Human Trafficking was to create a society where the safety and well-being of every person are paramount and where exploitation has no place. The task force explored innovative solutions to combat human trafficking through prevention, supporting and empowering survivors, and prosecuting traffickers to set the captives free.

The goal of the Speaker’s Task Force on Human Trafficking was to create a society where the safety and well-being of every person are paramount and where exploitation has no place. The task force explored innovative solutions to combat human trafficking through prevention, supporting and empowering survivors, and prosecuting traffickers to set the captives free.

Assembly – February 13th

Bills Passed in Assembly

Relating to: observing February 29, 2024, as Rare Disease Day in Wisconsin.

Relating to: proclaiming February 2024 to be American Heart Month in Wisconsin.

Relating to: honoring the life and public service of Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow.

Relating to: funding for reduction of infiltration and inflow in connecting laterals and sewer lines.
Relating to: establishing a hotline for employers interested in hiring individuals with a conviction record.
Relating to: procedures for reviewing commercial building plans.
Relating to: local government review of commercial building plans.
Relating to: permission to start construction of a commercial building before plan approval.
Relating to: a commercial driver training grant program and making an appropriation.
Relating to: state aid for prizes awarded at local fairs.
Relating to: eliminating the 13-week limit on the garnishment of earnings of certain debtors.
Relating to: creating a sales and use tax exemption for the sale of certain memberships to a real estate broker.
Relating to: permits for the overweight transport of pig iron.
Relating to: permits authorizing the employment of minors.
Relating to: allowing certain municipalities to increase the rate of the premier resort area tax.
Relating to: prohibiting certain rules related to dispensing liquefied petroleum gases for vehicle fuel purposes.
Relating to: various changes to the business development tax credit.
Relating to: notarial acts performed for remotely located individuals.
Relating to: eliminating obsolete statutory references regarding property, sales, and income taxes; the uniform unclaimed property act; and lottery games.
Relating to: modifying the tax treatment of college savings accounts and the employee college savings account contribution credit.
Relating to: trust administration, the Uniform Powers of Appointment Act, the Uniform Trust Decanting Act, disclosure of certain digital property, and the classification of certain digital property as individual property for purposes of determining marital property.
Relating to: license requirement exemption for retail food establishments that sell or process cotton candy.

Relating to: academic and career planning services provided to pupils, requiring the reporting of certain data on college student costs and outcomes, and granting rule-making authority.
Relating to: remote sellers of cigars and pipe tobacco.
Relating to: financial statements of registered charitable organizations.
Relating to: a technology and innovation hub grant to BioForward, Inc., and making an appropriation.
Relating to: expansion of the second individual income tax bracket.
Relating to: increasing and expanding the retirement income subtraction.
Relating to: the married persons credit.
Relating to: expanding the child and dependent care credit.

Assembly – February 15th

Bills Passed in Assembly

Relating to: prohibiting governmental entity discrimination (first consideration).

Relating to: commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Relating to: recognizing and commending the National Conference of State Legislatures on its 50th anniversary in 2025.

Relating to: the Uniform Unsworn Declarations Act.

Relating to: expungement of records of certain crimes and discrimination based on expunged conviction.

Relating to: public records identifying confidential law enforcement informants.

Relating to: requirements for releasing a prisoner to parole or extended supervision.

Relating to: possession of child pornography and providing a penalty.
Relating to: index of discovery for district attorneys and public defenders.

Relating to: crisis urgent care and observation facilities and granting rule-making authority.
Relating to: an incumbent transmission facility owner’s right to construct, own, and maintain certain transmission facilities and Public Service Commission procedures if the transmission facility is a regionally cost-shared transmission line.

Relating to: fleeing an officer and providing a penalty.

Relating to: court-issued criminal complaints if the person’s actions were in self-defense.

Relating to: expediting criminal proceedings when a victim or witness is an elder person and preserving the testimony of a crime victim or witness who is an elder person.

Relating to: inclusion of like-kin as an option for with whom children may be placed out of their home under certain circumstances and who may receive kinship care payments.

Relating to: training expenses for officers.

Relating to: disclosures regarding content generated by artificial intelligence in political advertisements, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.

Relating to: eliminating the prohibitions on electric weapons and providing a penalty.

Relating to:  the distribution of certain materials to minors.

Relating to: license fee exemptions for a dog that is a service animal.

Relating to: fees for redacting certain records of law enforcement agencies.

Relating to: traffic control signal priority devices for snow removal vehicles.

Relating to: allowing a tactical emergency medical services professional to carry a firearm in prohibited areas.

Relating to: counting convictions and findings for the purpose of the sex offender registry and notifications.

Relating to: picketing or parading at the residence of a judge with the intent to interfere with, obstruct, or impede the administration of justice or influence any judge and providing a penalty.

Relating to: privacy protections for judicial officers, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.

Relating to: withholding judicial security profiles from public access.

Relating to: sex offender registration for certain crimes.

Relating to: solicitation for prostitution and providing a penalty.

Relating to: mandatory training regarding human trafficking for employees of community-based residential facilities and owners of certain entities and certain other employees and granting rule-making authority.

Relating to: the civil causes of action for human trafficking and trafficking a child.

Relating to: the testimony of a child in a criminal proceeding for a human trafficking crime.

Relating to: required human trafficking prevention instruction in certain grades and teacher training related to identifying victims of child trafficking.

Relating to: creation of a Human Trafficking Council and requiring the establishment of county sex trafficking task forces.

Relating to: use of artificial intelligence by state agencies and staff reduction goals.

Committee Work

Assembly Committee on Housing and Real Estate

Public Hearing

Assembly Bill 1075
Relating to: regional allocation of residential housing infrastructure revolving loan.

Assembly Bill 472
Relating to: construction contractor registration and granting rule-making authority.

Executive Hearing

Assembly Bill 969
Relating to: the county sale of tax-deeded lands.

Assembly Bill 1075
Relating to: regional allocation of residential housing infrastructure revolving loan.

Assembly Bill 918
Relating to: various changes regarding the laws governing real estate practice, disclosures regarding real property wholesalers, and providing a penalty.

Assembly Children and Families Committee

Executive Hearing
Assembly Bill 1056
Relating to: funding methodology under the Children’s Long-Term Support program.

Assembly Health, Aging, and Long-Term Care Committee

Senator Cowles and Rep. Goeben testify on AB 162 relating to nursing homes or community-based residential facilities.

Senator Cowles (left) and Rep. Goeben (right) testify on AB 162 relating to: notification of certain facility closures, change in type or level of services or means of reimbursement accepted, and care management organization notification of contract termination with a provider that is a nursing home or community-based residential facility.


Centergy stopped by Rep. Goeben's office. Chris (left), Rep. Goeben's awesome staffer and Kelly (right) from Central WI Early Education Resources.

Centergy stopped by Rep. Goeben’s office. Chris (left), Rep. Goeben’s awesome staffer and Kelly (right) from Central WI Early Education Resources.

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Spring Arts and Crafts Market

12th Annual Peace 'N Love Walk


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