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Nelson Called His Veto on the Sales Tax a ‘Positive’ But Some Disagree

It has been interesting to see how Tom Nelson has spun his veto of the sales tax as a positive for taxpayers. I served with Kevin Sturn on the Finance Committee when he led the effort to implement the sales tax. The county was faced with either major reductions in services, continued borrowing or both due to the fact the state limits the tax levy increase to the percent of new construction (usually less than 2%).

Kevin’s proposal was structured to reduce debt, pay cash for any new capital projects and share 15% of the tax revenue with local municipalities.

Nelson’s proposal was to use the revenue to make a one-time major reduction in the tax levy. He subsequently vetoed the county board’s recommendation. While this seems logical, it would have been a disaster for future budgets. When you lower the tax levy in one year that becomes the new base which you can only increase by the percent of new construction. The county would have to decrease services and increase borrowing just to stay even.

Nelson has chosen to use the sales tax politically rather than being an effective manager. The county board overrode his veto and the taxpayer benefited.

Therefore, I feel you should support Kevin Sturn for County Executive in the April 4 election. The county needs an effective manager not another politician seeking a higher office.

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