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Open Letter to the Residents of Grand Chute

Dear Grand Chute Residents,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for these past two years. The most important thing I and our “new Board” have accomplished during this time is listening to you, our residents. As a result, we have made changes to improve our Town. Some of those changes have been:

  • We have stopped dangerous special assessments for road funding, and have done so without requesting an increase in the property tax levy.
  • We have been able to reduce our annual road funding budget by approximately $3 million, primarily by eliminating the practice of urbanizing all roads, regardless of the need. In doing so, we have not compromised our future roads as opponents are claiming. Staff and our Town engineering firm have told us that our new direction represents a “best practice” approach.
  • We have made correcting drainage problems a high priority issue. Practices that result in upstream and downstream flooding are being stopped.

There are more challenges ahead, though. We must:

  • Ensure that the $60 million of taxpayer dollars that the Town administers is being managed and utilized with great care. Our budgets and systems must continue to be reviewed with an eye toward improvement.
  • Specifically, administrative compensation must be reviewed to ensure its appropriateness for our market.
  • A dedicated road is needed as a next step in our new approach to roadway management.
  • All capital expenditure projects need to be scrutinized to ensure the cost effectiveness of projects and careful use of resident tax monies.
  • We need to look at how to attract desired businesses to replace vacant big box retail locations and to lead us into the future.

I appreciate the opportunity to have served you for these past two years. Respect for residents will always be my number one focus and priority should you choose to re-elect me. I will appreciate your vote on April 4!

Thank you,

Ron Wolff

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