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Voting for Grand Chute Incumbents

I am voting for the incumbents: Jason VanEperen, Walt Nocito and Ron Wolff in the upcoming Grand Chute Town Board election and I encourage my fellow citizens to do the same.

I was impressed by the time they spent listening to resident concerns while deciding the best way forward after the special assessment debacle and resulting lawsuits. Their commitment to educating themselves on these issues that they inherited was evidenced by the over 25 intensive hours in 9 special workshops held over the last two years (as per minutes published on the Town website).

I suggest everyone take the time to look at some of these minutes and see for yourselves the work that they have put in. These are not “ribbon-cutting” positions, there is quite a learning curve involved to properly do this job.  VanEperen, Nocito and Wolff have done the work and deserve our votes to continue moving forward.

Diane Blessing, Grand Chute

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