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5th Assembly District Update: September 15, 2023

Rep. Goeben provides a brief overview of her Choices in Child Care bill package.

Wisconsin State Rep. Joy Goeben provides a brief overview of her Choices in Child Care bill package.

I was very happy that all of my child care bills passed the assembly. They will move forward to the Senate. I feel strongly that our amazing childcare professionals need the

Child Care Pre-Tax Reimbursement Account

  • This bill creates an account for child care expenses.
  • Parents, families or employers may contribute to the account.
  • The account is pre-state tax up to a maximum amount of $10,000.00.

Large Family Child Care Center

  • Wisconsin is currently one (1) of thirteen (13) states that does not have licensing requirements and policies for this type of child care center.
  • This bill creates a new category of at home child care centers.
  • Current Family Care Centers are capped at eight (8) children. The Large Family is capped at twelve (12) children, or eight (8) children under the age of two (2).
  • Large Family Child Care Centers are required to have at least two (2) employees.

Assistant Child Care Teachers

  • This bill lowers the age to 16, and preserves all training and supervision requirements.
  • Sole supervision of children by an assistant teacher is allowed only if there is a qualified school-age program leader on the premises.

Child Care Ratios

  • There are no state regulations addressing the teacher-child ratio for 4K. Instead, class size is determined by local school board policy. This bill allows day care centers to have the same worker to child ratio as their local school districts.
  • Child care owner / operators are the best at determining the quality of care they would like to provide. Owner operators may continue with their current flexibility in ratios up to the proposed maximum while considering the skill of the teacher, the child’s age, health and behavioral status.

Certified Care Operators

  • Under current law, child care operators that are certified can only care for up to three (3) children that are not their own children, in addition to up to three (3) children that are related to them, for a total of six (6) children. So, if you do not have any children that are related to you, you can only care for a total of three (3) children, not six (6).
  • This bill allows certified child care operators to care for up to six (6) children in any combination of your own related children or unrelated children.

Iowa’s Nonpartisan Redistricting Process

What Is the Iowa Plan?

  • AB 415 proposes a nonpartisan legislative redistricting process almost identical to Iowa.
  • The bill charges the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) with drawing legislative redistricting plans.
  • LRB must be strictly nonpartisan.
  • The bill also establishes a redistricting advisory commission which oversees the work of LRB and performs specified tasks throughout the process.
  • No district may be drawn to favor a political party, incumbent legislator, or other group.
  • LRB may not use residence addresses of incumbent legislators, political affiliations of registered voters, previous election results, or demographic information to augment or dilute the voting strength of a minority group.
  • Based on population requirements in U.S. Constitution and Wisconsin Constitution, the population deviation of each district may not exceed 1% of the ideal district population.
  • District boundaries must comply with municipal ward boundaries and the number of municipalities split must be as small as possible. Additionally, they must try to preserve as many communities of interest as possible. Districts must be contiguous and compact.

Flow chart of how the Iowa model would work in Wisconsin.

Flow chart of how the Iowa model would work in Wisconsin.

Committee Hearings

Assembly Children and Families Committee

Choices and Childcare, expanding access to quality childcare.

2023-24 State of Wisconsin Blue Books are here.

Blue Books are Here!

District #5 Residents contact my office for your copy.

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