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Letter from Ron Wolff to Wisconsin State Legislators

September 7, 2023

Dear Wisconsin State Legislator:

I am sending this letter to each member of our Wisconsin legislature. My request is for you to enact legislation that would address a serious problem that is occurring in our state, as well as in our nation as a whole. The problem involves politically motivated hate crimes. This is a topic that needs to be addressed. I know of this problem first-hand, as I am a local official who is being harmed by a politically motivated hate crime.

I ran for, and was elected to, the Town Board of Supervisors for the Town of Grand Chute in April 2021. I ran to make changes that were being called for by residents. Prior to running, I had stood up to “old guard” politicians on the financially harmful issue of special assessments. The old guard politicians not only want me removed from the Board, but as punishment for standing up, they are attempting to imprison me, as well.

Law enforcement officials have been used to intimidate and terrorize me and my family. Since my initial election, my family members and I have been followed, tracked, and spied upon with electronic surveillance equipment. I have had a door smashed in, law enforcement officers have entered my property with guns drawn, I have had my company records illegally confiscated, and my wife was physically abused. In addition, the media has been used as a political tool in an effort to destroy my name and reputation. Google my name and see what comes up.

After 45 years of running successful and respected small businesses, I have been publicly profiled as a criminal because of politically motivated hate. My court case can be referenced by searching Wisconsin Court Case 2023cf000673. If convicted of the crime I have been charged with, I could be sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

Is this what we want to have happen in the State of Wisconsin? This type of conduct represents strong-arm politics. It is the ultimate form and degree of bullying. I will be happy to talk with each interested Wisconsin legislator about my experience. I realize that no one will be in a position to help resolve my personal situation. I need to continue to fight for justice, and for my freedom, in the court. I have already spent tens of thousands of dollars and will not be surprised if I will end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. I cannot comprehend the malice that is occurring.

With this request, I am asking you to consider the following questions: 1) Do we want this type of conduct going on in our local and state government? 2) Who will be the next victim? Could this happen to you? and 3) If this type of behavior is allowed to continue, what impact will it have on individuals who may otherwise be willing to consider running for public office in our state in the future. Will anyone other than those associated with thugs be willing to run for public office? How many common people have the financial resources or resolve to stand up to this type of organized, politically motivated abuse?

I am asking you to investigate what is going on and how prevalent the problem has become. Then stand up and put an end to it.


Ronald G. Wolff, Jr.
Grand Chute, WI

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