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The Beglinger Blast | February 19, 2023

The annual Super Bowl is an All-American tradition.  Last Sunday’s game, even without the Packers as contenders, was a lot of fun.  Two excellent teams that were well-matched, two spectacular quarterbacks destined to become greats, unbelievable plays, unexpected turns, and enough “iffy” calls from the officials to keep the fans haggling. No doubt Wisconsin fans tuned in across the state to enjoy themselves.  This is all most of us want from our sports teams.

The NFL is alienating fans with its growing political activism. It has joined many other American corporations and professional associations in careening us toward a totalitarian government that attempts to assert control over all aspects of our lives.  Ironically, while we are being force fed the “Black National Anthem” and “End Racism” in the end zones, the NFL is in the crosshairs of the equity police for not hiring enough highly qualified black head coaches.  If the NFL wants to promote social justice, they should confine their efforts to hiring players and coaches based solely on their qualifications and not concern themselves with how the rest of us manage our morality.

Our free-market economy is fundamental to our liberty.  It is based on some key principles:

·       Supply and demand drive production, use of resources, and prices.

·       Goods and services are produced in the private sector.

·       The government does not intervene in the economic system.

In contrast, the main goal of totalitarian governments is control over all aspects of life including the economy, education, arts, science, media and the private lives of citizens.  We have all increasingly experienced the long fingers of the government reaching deep into our lives in recent years.  Often corporate leaders are complicit in coercing free people to bend to the will of the government.  We cannot tolerate American corporations serving as instruments of the government.

Many of us have paid little attention to the political leanings of the companies we buy from.  We have been unaware of the dangerous co-mingling of political agendas with the economic system. The growing activism within companies, and their willingness to “cancel” the non-compliant, pose a real threat to our free-market economy.

Consider United Airlines.  Josh Earnest, Press Secretary in the Obama administration held his last press briefing in 2017 and, in 2018, became the Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for United. He joined a liberal and aggressive administration. United was the first airline to mandate COVID vaccines for employees. They made “Black Lives Matter” pins available for their employees to wear on their uniforms, have queried employees about gender and sexual preference, and have people pretending to be the opposite sex flying their airliners (despite the flight physical including an assessment of mental health).  Their new Aviate University for pilot training has a goal of more than 50% of its graduates being women or minorities, a goal that may be met at the expense of the most qualified candidates and the public.

United and organizations like them are creating hostile environments for those of us who reject liberal ideology and social engineering. They don’t hesitate to threaten the livelihood of anyone who will not step in line.  Freedom loving Americans need to let these corporate leaders know we will not stand for this.

The 1792 Exchange was formed in 2021 to protect people from the “woke capitalism” that is infiltrating our companies.  Their purpose is to help steer public companies back to neutral on controversial ideological issues. Over the past two decades, public corporations have become the left’s weapon of choice in driving rapid cultural change. This politicizing of corporations undermines the democratic process, divides employees, alienates customers and limits returns.

Through the 1792 Exchange, consumers now have an easily accessible resource called the Spotlight Report ( 1,000 companies have been analyzed to determine the likelihood they will take actions against others based on their beliefs.  They are ranked as lower, medium, or higher risk.  United Airlines is well-deserving of its higher risk rating.

During safer times, most of us didn’t concern ourselves with the political activity of American companies. We can no longer afford to be in the dark. It’s time to flex the muscles of consumerism.  In 2022, Disney stock fell 44% after they publicly flaunted their “wokeism” to the country.  Refusing to do business with companies that trample on freedom is a powerful way to express ourselves. Money talks.

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