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Open Letter to Grand Chute Residents re Ron Wolff

To our concerned citizens:

Ron Wolff’s court hearing in the case made against him by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (WDOJ) is Friday, September 15, at 11:00 a.m. It is in the Circuit Court #3 courtroom at the Outagamie County Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 320 S. Walnut Street in Appleton.

The charge against Ron is for having a “private interest in a public contract.” It took the WDOJ 22 months of “investigating” to make this charge. It appears the charge is extremely sketchy and will be easily defeated with evidence and facts that Ron has on his side. It is believed the WDOJ filed this charge when they did because they needed to do something to attempt to justify their lengthy and costly actions against Ron. They also had to do something to try and strengthen their image prior to the start of Ron’s case against them.

We are asking people to come to the courthouse on September 15 to show public support for Ron. Brad Gehring finally admitted publicly on April 11 that he was the one who filed the charges against Ron, for residency and for misconduct in office, that led to the WDOJ investigation. Gehring filed his complaint in Outagamie County where, as the former Outagamie County Sheriff, he has many political and law enforcement relationships. Because of Gehring’s many law enforcement relationships in Outagamie County, he should have attempted to file his complaint in another county.

The word “attempted” is used because without the involvement of people Gehring knows and can influence, it is believed Gehring’s complaint would not have been acted upon by law enforcement officials. Does Gehring also have a relationship with any members of the WDOJ?

It also needs to be questioned why the WDOJ, Wisconsin’s highest level of law enforcement, became involved in investigating a residence issue that had already been decided, twice, by the Grand Chute Clerk, in Ron’s favor. Because the residency issue was such a bogus matter, it is believed Gehring manufactured the added broad complaint of “misconduct in office” to try to beef up his complaint. (Note: Misconduct in office is a very non-descript charge that gave WDOJ investigators a lot of leeway to try and pin something on Ron.)

Still, why would the WDOJ become involved in a matter of such relative minor consequence? The WDOJ typically works on cases involving such matters as human trafficking, large drug-dealing operations, major homicide cases, and the like. They do not normally become involved in items such as residency matters that were already settled, and minor misconduct in office questions that somehow require 22 months to investigate.

Ron did not originally bid on the Champion Pond project. He was asked to do so by McMahon and Associates, which is the Grand Chute Town Engineering company, after a first round of bids proved to be much too expensive for the Town to approve.

The bid Ron’s company submitted in response to the McMahon request was approximately $27,000. In recommending approval of the bid Ron’s company was asked to submit, Grand Chute’s Deputy Director of Public Works Karen Heyrman wrote, “One quote for the prairie planting was submitted by Lakeshore Cleaners, Inc. for $26,865.09. This work needs to be done and the only price quote the Town obtained is reasonably close to the estimate of $23,800. In addition, I am fully satisfied that the company making the quote is qualified for the work so the interest of the tax payers have (sic) adequately been considered under the circumstances.”

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